Luigi Proietti, did not approach contemporary art in a casual way. He has had to do with art since he was a child: he followed his father (Norberto) in his artistic contacts, especially with Antonio and Ettore Russo who reserved for Norberto the same consideration with which they treated Giorgio De Chirico. The esteem and admiration for his father’s work, however, never distracted him from the careful observation of the artistic panorama of the moment. He demonstrated sensitivity and attitude by opening a beautiful museum in the early nineties in Spello (Pg) where Norberto’s works alternate with the great Italian masters of the twentieth century. He begins to frequent auction houses in Italy and abroad to keep up to date, but commercial development obliges him to have a presence on the national territory. He participates in all major art fairs with stands admired for the quality and importance of the works on display. He opens a gallery in Cortina d ’Ampezzo placing himself in a position of excellence that confirms the many evaluations that see him among the number one of Italian merchants. This does not prevent him from opening another gallery in Venice in 2005, and in any case from following the activities of his father.

In June 2006 an anthological exhibition of Norberto was inaugurated in Assisi and a bronze sculpture “the Pilgrim of Assisi” about 3 meters high, was placed in front of the Basilica of San Francesco. The opening of another gallery in Cortina and this time in Corso Italia, is a definitive point of arrival. An unthinkable result, achieved in a very short time. To keep the artistic proposal of his galleries at a high level, he followed the path of private collections, buying directly from the collector or from the heirs.

In 2007 he opens a 600 sq m gallery in Rome. and inaugurates with a collective exhibition of the major artists of the twentieth century. In 2013, a new showroom opens in Milan in Via Nicola Porpora 40/42 which is further confirmation of the absolute top position in the panorama of Contemporary Art Galleries in Italy. In 2019 the Luigi Proietti Gallery lands in the United States to participate in ArtMiami with its most significant works and delivers the monumental sculpture by Norberto “The pilgrim of Assisi” to the Hotel Marquis, one of the most impressive and prestigious skyscrapers in Miami. opening of a new exhibition space in this fantastic city.

Exhibiting the greatest international artists will be the main task of the new gallery with particular attention to Italian artists, to transmit our most recent wonderful past overseas. With this news, Italian art can be sure of having in Luigi Proietti, an esteemed and authoritative ambassador to the city of the great world collections. In his galleries you can admire the works of major national and international artists:
Afro, Arman, Amadio Alviani, Appel, Boccioni, Balla, Botero, Bonalumi , Bonini, Burri, Brescianini, Chia, Casorati, CarrĂ , Campigli, Capogrossi,, Castellani, Chagall, Dadamaino, de Chirico, De Maria, Dorazio, Fontana, Festa, Giampietro, Goldaniga, Gomor, Guttuso, Hartung, Lenzi, Malgioglio, Marini, Mattioli, Morandi, Modigliani, Mitoraj, Manzoni, Marini, Music, Norberto, Paladino, Picasso, Plessi, Pignatelli, Pizzi Cannella, Pomodoro,Rosai, Rotella, Riopelle, Rabarama, Schifano, Sironi, Simeti, Tancredi, Turcato, Tolomeo, Troilo,Vedova, Utrillo, Vedova, Knudson, Warhol.
Fra i suoi clienti ci sono nomi che figurano tra i maggiori collezionisti italiani e stranieri.