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Luigi Proietti did not approach contemporary art in a casual way. He has had to do with art since he was a child: he followed his father Norberto in his artistic contacts, especially with Antonio and Ettore Russo who reserved him the same consideration with which they treated Giorgio de Chirico. The esteem and admiration for his father’s work, however, never distracted him from the careful observation of the artistic panorama of the moment …

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Norberto Proietti

Iconography of a world
of splendor and dark shadows

It seems that a dream materializes here: the suspension of time. And with her two entities: silence and a vagueness of thoughts that is a tonic for the soul. Norberto, in this soft domestic universe, is modest and calm. Eccentric artist whims and surges are foreign to him. He remained earth, that is to say a firm blanket on the surface and, deep down, lymph and moods. Spello is in front of him at any time of the day. Norberto does not look at him. He does something more: he contemplates it. He knows that within his iron walls he has consumed a good part of his human life with a load of sacrifices, fears and hopes.

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